Feb. 15: East Troy Community School District Primary

Who’s on the ballot:

  • Adam LeMarr
  • Adam Witzcewitz
  • Jessica Fuchs
  • Kevin Bong
  • Ted Zess

How many do we pick? 2

Why a primary? The objection is to bring the final list of candidates down to four.

Where do I vote? Primary voting closes at 8 p.m. on 2/15. Links to voting locations and voter information for the three East Troy municipalities below:

Village of East Troy: https://easttroywi.gov/elections

Town of East Troy: https://townofeasttroy.com/event/spring-primary-4/

Town of Troy: https://townoftroy.com/election-information/

What happens next? The four (4) primary winners will move onto the last round of voting on April